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Immortal Creatures Online Slot

Every year, more and more people start playing casino games online, and with games like Immortal Creatures, it is easy to see why.

Microgaming has been developing online casino games since the dawn of the internet, and all that experience and expertise has led them to make Immortal Creatures, a spin-and-win game that adds the kind of story and character development that you would usually find in a role-playing game.

Immortal Creatures follows four characters on a quest to find the Fountain of Truth that will reveal to them their inner Immortal Creature, and also their greatest weakness.

The Characters

The Immortal Creatures team is led by Professor Cryo, a history teacher who has traveled the world in search of its greatest mythological treasures and the ancient knowledge they hold within them. He has brought three of his best students on his latest expedition to help him.

The beautiful Bridget is a fiery character who can use words to carve up her foes. Though small, she always makes her presence felt with her cutting quips and short temper.

Tyler is the football star whose strength and physique helps his team win on the football field, but can he use his brains as well as his brawn to help the team find the Fountain? Only time will tell.

The last member of the team is Ava, who normally wouldn’t find herself on a journey like this. She has always struggled to commit to things and likes to keep life simple and uncomplicated. This quest could be the making of her, and finally, bring her out of her shell.

The Game

Immortal Creatures has a lot of story on offer, but also plenty of bonuses as you play. As the reels spin, you can collect wins by matching three symbols left to right on the win line, but there are also scatter symbols in play.

If you get three or more scatter symbols on screen from a spin, you unlock the ‘Fountain of Spins’ bonus and receive multiple free spins of the reels and begin to unlock the characters.

Unlock Characters in The Game for Extra Bonuses

Each character has special bonuses to offer the player. As you trigger the Fountain of Spins you unlock more of the game’s characters to help you on the quest and get you more free spins and multipliers to increase your pot.

On your first Fountain of Spins game, you unlock Professor Cyro, who will remain to help you for the rest of your game by unlocking more free spin opportunities and giving you a five times multiplier on free spin wins.

As you unlock more of the team by triggering more Fountain of Spins, your multipliers and bonuses will increase, and each character has their own special win symbols and games to give you even more opportunities to build up your winnings. Tyler’s Rolling Reels feature makes consecutive win spins easier, and winning combinations explode to be replaced by even more winning symbols on the reels to increase your chances.

Immortal Creatures is a lot of fun and gives a player lots of ways to win and build up a big pot to play with. The story and the characters will help keep you interested as you play, and all the winning options and opportunities keep you coming back to try your luck in the search for the Fountain of Truth.

Is it safe to play Immortal Creatures?

Yes, Immortal Creatures was developed by the creators of Immortal Romance, a popular and well known game. Microgaming Software, who developed the game, are regulated by eCOGRA, which ensures that their games are safe and reliable for players.

Which online casino sites can I play Immortal Creatures on?

You can play Immortal Creatures on any of the casinos that we have reviewed on USA Gambling Choice. We suggest Casino Classic, Yukon Gold, Zodiac Casino and Grand Mondial Casino as they have exceptional sign up offers.

Can I win real money using free spins?

Yes, it's definitely possible to win using free spins. You should use the free spins from casino sign up offers!


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